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Safety Tips on Meeting through Online Dating Services

Online dating services are really like your regular personal ads adapted for today’s world.
We want you to enjoy meeting people on We want to make it as safe and secure as we can, but we also need you to exercise caution when meeting new people. With a little bit of common sense you should be able to avoid “the bad guys”.
Most safety tips that apply to real world matching game apply to online dating.
1.      Always use common sense and your gut instinct
If that little voice is telling you that something is wrong, it probably is…
Immediately stop talking to anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened. gives you tools to block any unwanted communication.
2.   Never give out your personal information
Never give your real name, phone numbers, or any other identifying information while you are chatting or emailing until you are comfortable doing so. Never post any of personal, identifying information within your profile or essay.
3.      Stay anonymous for as long as you need to
When communicating through your personal information will never be revealed to the other users. You can e-mail, chat and send SMS messages without ever revealing your identity. You can give out your personal information only when you feel comfortable enough to do so.
Do not feel pressured to make a contact, even though the phone number was disclosed in an early e-mail exchange.

4.   When contacting someone for the first time use caution
You have to remember that once you give your information you can not take it back. Women should always get the man’s number first. Before dialing the number you should press #67 so that your number does not appear on caller ID. Check with Telephone Company or with online reverse telephone number services if the number matches the name.
5.      Use an e-mail address specifically set up for dating purpose
Do not use your regular e-mail address when communicating with people you meet online.
Set up a third-party email address to use expressly for dating purposes and forward your there instead of to your personal email box.
Make sure to turn off signatures from your e-mails.
6.   Be smart when creating user name           
Do not create user name or e-mail address with sexual connotations. It may get you attention, but it may turn out to be the unwanted kind of an attention.
You should not use your real name or city of residence as user name either.
7.   Use current photos and videos in your profile
You may be tempted to use old photos or videos, but if you are looking for a serious relationship you are better of to be honest from the beginning.
8.   Always keep record of your communications
Make sure to save all communications with the person you intend to meet with. You should save all e-mails exchange and you should also save your IM or video chat.
9.   Block anyone you feel is abusing the Service
We urge you to block anyone that you feel is behaving in an appropriate manner. You can also report the abuser to and we will do our best to investigate, and in some instances cancel abuser’s account.
10.  If you decide to meet
If you decide to meet always do so during the day time, in a public place with lot of people around. Choose a busy restaurant or a coffee shop (hence Never stay for too long on the first meeting. You can also bring a friend along. Never allow for person to pick you up from your home. Drive yourself to and from the date. Always have enough money with you for an emergency. Women tell your friends or family where are you going, and give them the information about the person you are going out with, including the name, address and phone number. You could also arrange with your friends to call in at a certain time during your date. Make sure to call your friends after the date.
11.  If you are meeting someone from the other city
If you decide that you want to meet in a different city you should book and pay for your hotel and flight arrangement. Never stay with your new date. Do not invite your date to your hotel room or home for first time you meet. Do not disclose the name of the hotel you are staying at.
When in strange town always use taxi service.
12.  Move slowly and gradually
Keep in mind that you can meet good and honest people, but that you can also meet the bad kind. Always remember that you are meeting a stranger, and that you need to build trust slowly.
13.  Do not drink alcohol
Never drink alcohol on your first date. Getting intoxicated could put you in the risk. You may not be able to make sound decisions after having few drinks. It’s always better to stay with non-alcoholic beverages.
15.  Always have your cell phone with you
16.  Never give out any financial information
You are here to date not give charitable contributions. Always beware that there are people out here who will take advantage of your kindness. Our rules prohibit anyone from solicitation for any purpose. Do not fall victim to people that try to scam you out of your money, however sad their story is (lost a job, have a sick elderly parent, lost money on the stock market because of the bad broker, etc, etc…).
Never respond to e-mails offering you millions of dollars for doing nothing, except giving them your bank account information. Always report if someone attempted to get this information from you.
17.  Do some research before you meet someone for the first time
We do not require from our members to submit to a background check, but we offer links to the web site where you can get information about people you are planning on going out with. We urge you to get as much information as you can. Internet is a great place to do it.
18.  Be wary of people that are vague with their conversations, and do not have straight answers. Also stay clear of people professing an undying love after first date.
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